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  1. P.O. Box 73, Pottsville, AR 72858
    Ph (479)968-5486 • fax: (479)968-2934 •

    I would like to introduce you to Arkansas Wood Doors (AWD), a manufacturer of custom wood cabinet doors since 1977, serving customers throughout the USA. We have since evolved our product line to include 3DL style doors, 3DL Work Tops, and our custom RTA cabinet system, Stonehenge Cabinets, made here at AWD.

    Our online order system has been completely redesigned to allow user to take advantage of the many custom options that AWD offers in both our Door and Stonehenge Cabinets. New system has been designed to be user friendly regardless of your computer skills or cabinet knowledge and will calculate an Estimate for your job, less freight charges. Once you select the “SAVE” key, AWD is alerted of your job and we will review, edit if needed, and apply shipping charges, all of which will show up on your order copy. We do NOT accept payment thru this system, upon your release of this order, AWD will email you a confirmation that will include a Packing List and Invoice which you will then contact AWD directly for payment.

    Our new order system also includes a very a very innovative feature,3D Design Center, that allows user to input wall dimensions while on site, placing custom size cabinet boxes as needed, select any of our Door & DF style, and all the while the system is developing an elevation drawing with accurate dimensions. This system has also been calculating an Estimate for this job which allows you to edit to reflect your estimate to share immediately with your client.

    Those customers that use KCD software are still able to forward KCD door report or Cabinet job file directly to AWD for us to reply with our quote.

    We welcome your phone to answer any questions that you may have, 479-968-5486.


    John Allan
    Arkansas Wood Doors

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